What People Say About Us

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Jennifer & Amaury“We’ve watched our video over and over again … I couldn’t have asked for anything more. You and your team were extremely professional, patient and most important talented. Thank you again for everything” – Jennifer & Amaury

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Debbie & Joseph“The wedding was amazing and the photographer and videographer were great!!!! Thank you so much.” – Debbie & Joseph

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Justine & Alex“Thank you for pairing us with the BEST DJ and photographer. We could not have been happier. They were simply amazing and I can’t express how grateful we were to have them there. They surpassed their job requirements and helped in every way possible.” – Justine & Alex

Andria Nolan“Thank you for another successful event, I knew we could count on you” – Andria Nolan Executive Director, Florida Panthers

Nova Southeastern University“Elegant Occasions is my go to for events! No matter what the request Bill is always there to assist with an event.” – Samantha Kleiman, Nova Southeastern University, Ambassadors Board and Fellows Society

Citrix Systems“Although our program was technical and intensive, you guys impressively pulled it off. Thank you.” – Y.S., Citrix Systems

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Monica & Rodney“Yesterday I received the link to my wedding photos; all I can say is WOW!!! I absolutely love each and every one of them, I simply can’t find the correct words to say, I am beyond happy.” – Monica & Rodney

Terry & Jason“We had a great experience with Elegant Occasions … Our photographer was fantastic …We found elegant occasions through our venue and would highly recommend them.” – Terry & Jason