Millennial Brides – 4 Things To Know


millennial brides

In the last 10 years there has been a great shift in the wedding industry.

At the root of this change are Millennial Brides.

The distinct characteristics of this segment are essentially redefining the industry.

Why Are Millennial Brides Key?

Millennials, born between the years 1979-2000.

  • Make up one third of the population
  • Represent a whopping 70% of the weddings industry consumer base

Understanding how they see the world is crucial for brands & companies that have served brides in a more traditional time.

Although there is so much to know about them, here are a few of the key points to keep up…

4 Things To Know About Millennial Brides

1) Value Authenticity – According to a 2013 report from, “… human nature dictates that people have a hard time genuinely connecting with, being close to, or really trusting other humans who (pretend to) have no weaknesses, flaws, or mistakes.” This also crossed over to how humans connect to brands.

Essentially, millennial brides have little to no patience for insincerity and gimmicks.

What is appealing to the millennial consumers is:

  • Simplicity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency

Be true to your brand, be consistent, and do not try too hard.

2) Groom Has A Say – In a postmodern worldview, millennials see men and women as equals and therefore value each others opinions with a more balanced weight.

  • 65% of grooms are involved in the registry process
  • 95% are involved in the overall wedding planning process

When marketing to the millennial couple it is key to include the groom in your efforts.

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3) DIY Mentality – Millennials have embraced the DIY culture like no other. A testament of this is the revolutionary Pinterest, that has spawned growth due to the expanding DIY community.

Let’s get something clear first. DIY is not about saving money, as many luxury brides enjoy to express their creative sides as well.

DIY is the process co-creating and collaboration, producing something truly unique and being a part of the process.

For this reason, it is imperative that wedding service providers approach their interactions with a team-mindset, and avoid selling the ‘we’ll take care of it all’ pitch.

4) Learning Generation – Millennials are the most educated generation of our time. A majority attend college and see learning as a way of life.

Their research-driven minds draw them to reviews, articles, and social media as indicators of credibility.

Your consistency across all platforms is crucial as they will analyze your brand/company’s congruence across all interactions.

Marketing & Millennial Brides

Millennial brides are driving change in the wedding industry.

The future requires adaptability if one expects to have longevity.

Knowledge and insights help us adapt and stay a head of the curve.

How do you keep up? (drop us a comment).

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