5 Tips for South Florida Beach Weddings


Top Five Considerations for South Florida Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are different from other weddings. The beautiful outdoor atmosphere and the smell of salt in the air make beach weddings especially popular in coastal areas such as in South Florida. To make your “perfect day” a reality, a little planning is involved. If a beach wedding is something you are highly contemplating, some considerations must be made. These are listed below:

south florida beach weddings

(1) Timing and Temperature:

Beach weddings may seem fun until you find yourself standing under the blistering sun in the middle of summer. The afternoon summer heat can be almost intolerable to handle. Although you may be okay with the brutal summer heat, many other people, especially older guests and children, may not be. Beach weddings should be planned in cooler months, such as from October to January. Conversely, if you plan to have a summer beach wedding, consider having an afternoon or sunset ceremony – in the absence of the sun’s strongest afternoon rays. If these two options are unable to work, and you find yourself planning your beach wedding during a mid-summer day, be sure to find a spot on the beach with plenty of shade for a refuge from the sun. Additionally, be sure to inform your guests of what the weather may be like during the day of your ceremony in order for them to dress appropriately. Lastly, be sure to check the ocean tide on the day of your wedding. Incoming tides are especially noisy, and you may even risk the ocean water approaching you, as you say “I do.”


(2) Dress Attire:

The beauty of beach weddings is in its simplicity. The floor-length wedding gown, and suave tuxedo may make you feel heavy and extremely hot. A more casual, comfortable look may be more appropriate for beach weddings. For example, light cotton linens, and airy fabrics will keep you cool and comfortable.  Some clothing ideas for the groom include a pants and a loose-fitted shirt. Ideas for the bride include light, loose sundresses. If you need more ideas about the perfect attire for beach weddings, visit our pinterest board.


(3) Flower Power:

Beach weddings are beautiful in their own right, but adding flowers with vibrant colors will be sure to add to the overall ambiance of your ceremony. Picking the right flowers is crucial for beach weddings, because many flowers cannot last under direct heat and sunshine.  Flowers such as daffodils, and freesias shrivel quickly in the summer heat. On the other hand, flowers such as orchids can survive and withstand almost any kind of climate.


(4)Your Memories:

Be sure to hire a photographer and videographer who have had experience with working beach weddings before. There are different lighting  and posing considerations for outdoors vs. indoors weddings. Make sure the videographer has a wireless lav mic that he knows how to use in windy conditions. Unanticipated wind gusts could ruin the sound. If you don’t think this is important, try watching a movie without the sound.  Hire photo and video specialists that have worked together before. This is important because you don’t want the photographer in your video and vice versa. Your special day deserves to be captured in the most perfect way!


(5) Backup Plans:

Sometimes, mother nature doesn’t seem to cooperate with us on days when we need her to most. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with beach weddings. Renting a tent is strongly encouraged if light rain or wind is expected during the day of your wedding. In case of a rainstorm, make previous reservations with a nearby hotel as backup. If it does indeed rain, try not to be upset! Weddings are a jubilee of love and commitment, and that in itself is beautiful and worth celebrating.

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