Top 5 Wedding Photography Trends of 2015


wedding photography trends

5 Most Popular Wedding Photography Trends

One of the most important elements to any wedding is the wedding photography that accompanies it. You want your wedding to be captured in the most special way possible.

However, you want your photos to be both unique and timeless – so when you’re looking back on your wedding photos years from now, your photos won’t appear outdated.

Listed below are 5 of the most popular wedding photography trends that are both current, and will still appear current 20 years from now!

The Proposal

Capturing the wedding proposal is becoming an increasingly popular wedding photography trend nowadays. This moment is intimately special, and many grooms are hiring photographers to capture their proposal to their future bride.

Couples have stated that they loved being able to photograph this moment and loved sharing these photographs with their family and friends even more – being that many family members and friends are most often not a part of this truly special, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Using Instagram

wedding photography trends

This generation revolves around the use of social media – whether it is “checking in” on Facebook, live “tweeting” from an event on Twitter, or Instagramming what you had for lunch.

This particular wedding photography trend has really skyrocketed in the past few years, due to the fact that almost everyone uses social media, as it is a way to instantly connect with others and share information, pictures and videos.

For this example alone, many brides and grooms have created a hashtag, or several hashtags for their guests to use to upload their own personal cell phone pictures to Instagram.

The bride and groom, or any person for that matter, can view these photos instantly straight from their phone at the wedding!

These photos do tend to be more candid, and many guests enjoy being able to capture and upload their own photos to social media.

Bride/Groom Portraits

A timeless wedding photography trend is bridal and groom portraits. One can schedule the portrait before the wedding, or even the day of (if time permits).

wedding photography trends

You often spend a lot of time, effort and detail perfecting your look for your special day, so you deserve to document it properly.

Formal couple portraits are also very traditional, and prove to be a popular wedding photography trend year after year.

The First Look Between Father-Daughter

This “first-look” wedding photography trend has been popular for many years, and is still seemingly popular amongst many couples.

However, many brides are now incorporating this idea, but between herself and her father. This moment is especially sweet, and heartwarming, and full of emotion – which makes it perfect to capture.

Wedding days are often so busy, and many brides love being able to take a few minutes from their big day, and spend a little time with their fathers.


wedding photography trends

2015 has been a big year for the “selfie,” and similarly enough, many couples are now setting up selfie stations at their wedding, with a beautiful backdrop, for their family and friends to use.

With Instagram and other social media platforms, this wedding photography trend has also become increasingly popular within the last year or so.

Also, with the use of a “selfie-stick” the bride and groom can take selfies on the go – it’s both quick and easy, and allows the bride and groom to have their own personal pictures from their special day.

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