Why Choose Us


Thank you for considering us for your event. Why us is truly one of the most valuable questions you can ask yourself. With so many options available we understand it can be confusing. Sometimes things may seem the same from company to company but often times they are not. Although we have many colleagues we respect and believe offer great services below is a brief example as to why we feel we stand out.

Please take the time to read these 6 simple statements and we believe you will respect and understand our company’s philosophy and reasons for success. We can only hope you see the reason “why us”. Once again thank you for giving us the opportunity.

Integrity + 

Going on 30 years we have stood behind what we do! Our clients are not only happy but continue to refer us to friends and family, which is one of the highest levels of appreciation one can do.

We have many accolades but are especially proud of the fact we are an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau, without even paying to be a member. This is truly only accessible for a company with the highest integrity. We also have a 4.9 – 5 star rating on almost all industry reviews from our clients and are recognized as innovators within our field.

Stability +

Although there are many choices for you to select from few companies have the amount of experience and stability as us. Those that have been around close to as long as us typically do not hold financial reserves with the stability we do.

We have also searched long and hard and cannot find any other company in our market with over 25 years of experience, executed over 10,000 events, and have no lawsuits from clients. Many of our team has worked for us for over 10 years with some being around for 15-20. These are all just some of the telltale signs of the stability of a company and whether they will be around before, during and after your event.

Guarantees +

Many companies may promise the world but we actually have written guarantees to assure you are happy with what we do. Just to name a few of our guarantees; our staff will show up on time, be dress professionally, our quality product is delivered within the times we promise.

Infrastructure & Control +

Since our services are handled in house this allows us the utmost control. Our team understands this is a very important day for you and takes it very seriously. They work together with one goal in mind, your event. We have yet to find any company that provides internal infrastructure such as ours. There are departments and supervisors that specialize in each respected field. We invite you to come and visit us to see how there is a difference.

Quality & Experience +

We take pride in what we do and are proud of what our talented, certified, and experienced team. Our goal is to assure that a client’s expectations are not only met but hopefully exceeded. We strive for this on all events from the most intimate to the most elaborate. Each event is equally important.

Affordability +

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of options for almost any budget. Yes, someone can always find something for less, but, for comparable quality and service we truly are the most affordable option. Should this not be the case, please bring it to our attention prior to reserving your services and we would love the opportunity to sit with you to compare the best options for your event.  


South Florida Wedding Photography
20 Years…
Over 30 Awards & DistinctionsThank You… To Our Collegues That Have Recognized Our Abilities & To The Brides Who Have Voted For Us…
  • South Florida Photography Since 2007 “Multiple Awards And Recognitions”
  • South Florida Wedding Photographer Since 2003 “Prestigious Member of the Year”
  • Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography Since 2007 “Platinum Recognition of Excellence”
  • Special Occasion Wedding Photography Since 2004 “Photographic Competition Creative Award”
  • South Florida Event Photography Since 2004 “Multiple Awards And Recognitions”

What People Say About Us

South Florida Wedding Photography

Antonella Martino“Edwin was stupendous. He is amazing. He must be at our wedding!” – Maria & Paul

South Florida Photography

Monica & Rodney“Yesterday I received the link to my wedding photos; all I can say is WOW!!! I absolutely love each and every one of them, I simply can’t find the correct words to say, I am beyond happy.” – Monica & Rodney

South Florida Wedding

Justine & Alex“Thank you for pairing us with the BEST DJ and photographer. We could not have been happier. They were simply amazing and I can’t express how grateful we were to have them there. They surpassed their job requirements and helped in every way possible.” – Justine & Alex

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